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What We Do

Stop wasting time manually searching and paying legal services. Instantly know if your business name is available.

We monitor and report 100+ data sources to help you understand if brand consistency or infringement will occur.

Search Business Names U.S. Patent & Trademark Domain Names Register Business 50 U.S. State Registrars iOS & Android Social Media Search Engines

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Government Registrars

Check all 50 state departments (nationally) for existing business names, trademarks, and patents that may conflict.

Social Media Networks

Make sure all the social media networks you will need in the future are available with your business name.

App Stores (iOS & Android)

Find out if there's already an iOS or Android app published under that name and more.

Trademark & Patent Records

Check the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as over 110 other countries' trademark offices.

Domain Registrars

A web presence is vital. That's why we help you find available domain names that match your business.

Google Search Engine

Instantly understand what websites and brands are competing for search engine listings for your name.

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How It Works

What you get in our single search versus other alternatives

Features Manual Competitors Formal Founder
Comprehensive Search
Covering everything to get started
Affordably Priced
Preliminary incorporation services cost $250+
Instant Results
Manually takes hours, services take weeks
Marketing Insights
Understand potential competition
Domain Availability
.com, .net, .org, .co, .io, .us
Social Media Availability
Covering the major social networks
50 U.S. State's Registrars
Be confident no one is using name
U.S. Patent & Trademark
Trademark infringement is problematic
iOS & Android App Stores
Make sure there is no conflicting apps

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What our customers are saying

Couldn't have asked for anything else! The search covered every concern we had for our newest project.

Nicole McQuary Los Angeles, CA

Formal Founder was able to help us locate a trademark infringement quickly and easily. Would recommend it to any business owner!

Mark Coleo Denver, CO

Helped us quickly identify potential names without sending hours research them!

Erin Keats Austin, TX

We found the self-service format to be more helpful than a traditional trademark search. It was extremely helpful for the preliminary research phase.

Brian Wells Miami, FL

The Pro search was an invaluable aid when incorporating the business ourselves. Why hire a lawyer when you can do it yourself.

Jake Tobiczyk Atlanta, GA

Previously I would have to wait 1-2 weeks for a manual trademark or business name search. Now I can do it myself.

McKenzie Ward Chicago, IL

I use the Pro search before starting a new project. Much cheaper than re-branding or hiring a lawyer.

Ashley McNamera San Francisco, CA

Saves me hours of researching with instant feedback. Just searching the 50 different state registrars can take an entire day.

Hunter Rosales San Jose, CA

FAQ & Assistance

Our powerful aggregated search makes everything simple

How do I check if an app name is available?

By searching different variations within the iOS app store and Android Play Store you can verify if any similarly named apps appear within the results.

Should I care about incorporating in all 50 states?

If you plan on doing business, or expanding, to all 50 states in the future then it is advised your name does not conflict with existing businesses.

Should my social media handles match my business name?

Nowadays it's expected that a business is online. Their first search will likely be "" and will assume your social media handles match accordingly.

What factors should I consider when naming my business?

You should be sure there are no existing businesses or trademarks with that name. This can be done via the 50 state business registrars and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, having matching social media handles is a huge plus!

Where do you get the information?

We actively monitor the United States Patent and Trademark Office and all 50 state business registrars, app stores (iOS & Android), and Google search to provide accurate information.

Will you steal my business name?

A name is worth nothing without an associated brand, reputation, or product. So, no, we won't be poaching your next business's name.

How accurate is the search?

It is accurate enough for preliminary searches. We try to keep our data as up-to-date as possible, but do suggest you complete a more thorough search at the specific registrar before moving forward however.

Does this service register my business?

No, we do not incorporate, register, or purchase anything for your business. This is strictly used for research purposes.

Do I still need a lawyer to incorporate my company?

Yes. Our basic and pro searches are not legal advice. No information contained within this results should be construed as legal advice from Formal Founder.

How much does it cost?

Our basic search is completely free, and I plan on keeping it that way! However, our Pro search costs $19.95

What is your refund policy?

We will refund 100% of the purchase price if the service was not what you expected. Please notify us at as soon as possible.

There was an issue with the search.

Please reach out to for any payment or Pro search issues. We do our best to respond within 3 hours.